Zen Premium Coffee Table

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A contemporary square coffee table of customized design, Zen aims at bringing style, comfort, luxury, and an element of peace to your living area. A perfect blend of modern and classic Japanese aesthetic, Zen resembles a meditative pose and the movement of Swastika to create a deeply customized stable, central, luxurious, and harmonic look that brings peace, unity, and luxury to the living room interiors.

Zen comes with a number of customized variations and combinations of colours and material finishes that allow it to remain static yet playful. Its shape and lifted appearance add a sense of spaciousness and lightness to its environment, making it perfect for modern upper class living rooms.


Zen is a modernist and contemporary square luxury coffee table whose body is made of teak ply of varying thicknesses to provide stylish shape and strength to the frame. Together combined with a premium sofa set, the table adds an element of peace and class.


You can customize with a laminate of choice (teak veneer, mica, or PVC sheet) by getting the table coated on top of the plywood to give it an optimal finish that resembles marble while adding life and durability to the table.

Goodwill Warranty

The company provides 1 year goodwill warranty on all customized products that includes manufacturing defects (but excludes accidental damage, natural wear and tear).

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Zen Premium Coffee Table