Odile Bookshelf

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Odile is a grand open bookshelf with varied shelves for a creative arrangement. It is suited for large and spacious living rooms or home offices.

It represents a bohemian design sense that basks of raw material finishes while following a defined geometry and symmetry.

Odile allows a freestyle arrangement of books and decor items that can add warmth and dynamic display to contemporary and modern interior styles.

A cute reading element

Odile is a contemporary and minimal bookcase that serves as a corner piece to go along with a study or lounge space.


The frame is made of hot-rolled Mild Steel with an anodized finish.


A teak veneer laminate is coated on top of the plywood to give it an optimal finish while adding life and durability.

Goodwill Warranty

The company provides 1 year goodwill warranty on all products that includes manufacturing defects (but excludes accidental damage, natural wear and tear).

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Odile Bookshelf