How to organize your bedroom

How to organize your bedroom 21Nov

Lack of space can be frustrating, especially in a country as congested as India. And if you feel the same in your bedroom, then maybe it’s time to rethink and renovate.

We spend most of our lives in the same room but people undermine the importance of a properly organized and beautiful bedroom.



Make a plan

Create an organized plan. Make a step-by-step process. Try to define the steps as much as you can, that’ll help you later. Decide which furniture to place first (excluding bed, as it is the core part). Consider splitting your room into sections. It will help you to be more thorough, and this way you won’t leave any details behind.


Draw it

Make a rough draft of your room, try to make it to scale so that it’s easier to imagine. With a drawn-out plan, you will better understand the space you’re working with.



Decide your budget. Don’t go overboard and spend too much on a single piece. Spread your expenses evenly, your main furniture piece (bed) should be your main concern. If you have budget constraints, try putting your artwork and décor items on hold, you can always buy them later and getting a new perspective in the meantime might give you better results.



Use artwork to add elegance to your room. If everything is in harmony, art will bring it to life. It’s the easiest way to make your room engaging and comfortable at the same time.


Empty walls make for a boring room. But just artwork won’t work, décor items like tabletop lamps, pots, etc. are very helpful in bringing colors to a dull room.



There is a lot of space in our bedrooms that we never use, it is partly to blame for our space problems. Utilizing a space with maximum efficiency is a rare skill. But it can be done. Don’t use overhead space or it would make your room look and feel cluttered. Instead, use the space that you feel is already occupied. The space under your bed can be optimized unless your bed has a storage space already.


Explore new wardrobe types. Some of these new styles save a lot of space and don’t sacrifice functionality for style. Choose the type of wardrobe which suits you the best.

A functional nightstand can tidy up your bedside without looking too bulky or cluttered.

Get a trashcan

Pick a corner to place a trash can. It is actually very important to have it in your room, but people overlook it for some reason and go to their kitchen to throw trash. It is pretty inconvenient and impractical. Having it in your room can make a lot of difference.

A trashcan doesn’t have to be ugly; it can be modern and beautiful. Just don’t get one that’s too vibrant.


Don’t forget to experiment

Go for what your heart wants, sometimes the oddest combinations work the best. And remember, no one knows your home and your bedroom better than you.