Aglaura Luxury Study Table

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Aglaura is a transitional study table for bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices. It takes inspiration from Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern interior design styles.

It represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship and finesse. Its all-wood body and finish present furniture in its most natural form that is representative of human ingenuity and craft. Two drawers add the benefit of storage making the furniture functional.

Aglaura represents a curved profile in the front to add eloquence, while golden caps on legs add a sense of luxury to the overall design.

A premium study experience

Aglaura is a hybrid of Mid-Century Modern and Art Deco styles that add an element of finesse and luxury to your work life.


The body is made of Teak ply of varying thicknesses to provide optimal shape and strength to the frame.

The legs are made of Teak wood, and are polished to match the profile of the table.


A teak veneer laminate is coated on top of the plywood to give it an optimal finish while adding life and durability to the table.


The channels used in drawers are Hettich soft-close, which adds an element of comfort in use.

Goodwill Warranty

The company provides 1 year goodwill warranty on all products that includes manufacturing defects (but excludes accidental damage, natural wear and tear).

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Aglaura Luxury Study Table