Trude Premium Double Bed

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Trude is a crossover between minimal and glamorous furniture. It has a sleek base profile and a heavy artistic headboard that makes it perfect as a centerpiece for contemporary spaces.

While the bed's profile makes it appear light and airy in bedrooms of all sizes, its headboard acts as a feature element on the wall. The side profile of the bed is especially interesting, adding a blend of sharp angles and curves for a dialogue.

Trude is a dynamic design that brings in a variety of materials and shapes to create a versatile design that is suitable for all contemporary interiors.

A design that adds a versatile look

Trude is a minimal double bed without storage, available in king and queen sizes. It adorns a light base frame and a heavy expansive geometric headboard that provides definition to the wall as a feature element.

A frame that will last for years!

The teak wood used in the base frame is stronger and more flexible than traditional solid wood. It is air treated for 6 months.

*Original base design is available in teak wood which can also be customised into a Stainless Steel frame.

Its body is made with varying thicknesses of teak ply for added durability

  • 18mm for load-bearing parts
  • 12mm for non-load bearing parts

Comfort and style

Base covered using Springwell HD-40, filled using the same material to ensure durability.


Covered using leatherette.

To prevent tear, abrasions, and peeling from exposure to sharp objects and liquids, we use a thicker variant of the fabric, with backing.


Resistant to stains and spillage. Can be cleaned with a swipe.

Color Palette

Trude is available in a variety of balanced colors. Can be customized to your taste (additional charges may apply depending on the color and fabric).


We provide a goodwill warranty of 1 year on non-accidental damage, natural wear and tear, and any manufacturing defects.

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