Hypatia U-Sectional sofa

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Inspired by Scandinavian furniture style, Hypatia is made to be the centerpiece of conversations for any modern family. Its expansive profile, well-cushioned body, and modular design allow multiple people to use it together for long hours.

Its long span is made airy and light through an exposed Teak frame with walnut finish at the bottom that gives it a lift, and makes the space it is placed in look larger. Its quilted backrest adds richness to contemporary interior style.

This makes Hypatia aesthetically suitable and functional for all large and small living rooms alike.

A contemporary Scandinavian piece

Hypatia is a strong and sleek design that looks wide and airy. It becomes a centerpiece that adds comfort and functionality for long hours of use.

A frame that can last for decades!

The solid wood used in the frame is stronger and more flexible than regular wood.

Its body is made with varying thicknesses of plywood for added durability

  • 18mm for load-bearing parts
  • 12mm for non-load bearing parts

Comfort and style

A base that covers the entire frame with Springwell HD-40 foam, filled using the same material to ensure durability.

Cushioned using Sleepwell softy foam that sinks in with the body and adjusts according to shape. Cushioning can be customized to memory foam (additional charges may apply).

Padding will last at least 10 years under normal use and optimal maintenance.


Made using suede or linen.

To prevent tear, abrasions, and peeling from exposure to sharp objects and liquids, we use a thicker variant of the fabric, with backing.


Resistant to stains and spillage due to its microfiber. Can be cleaned with a swipe.

Dry-clean every two years to retain original luster and sheen.

Color Palette

Hypatia comes in classic suede or linen colors that can never go wrong. Can be customized to your taste (additional charges may apply depending on the color and fabric).


We provide a goodwill warranty of 1 year on any manufacturing defects (excluding accidental damage, natural wear and tear).

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Hypatia U-Sectional sofa