Alpha Double Storage Premium Coffee Table

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Alpha is a contemporary square sturdy coffee table with a laminate coating of choice to blend in with the modern living room furniture and interior style of your choice. The table includes two large drawers, one on either side of the coffee table to provide wide and deep storage in your living room adding functionality to the furniture. Whether you’re hosting in your living room or accentuating your living area, this is a must have coffee table for your stylish home.

Alpha's built geometry brings about weight to the space and centres the entire living room on it, a bold and modern way of living room representation. This table can be used in homes as well as office spaces as well- a trademark of its versatile contemporary design.


The body is made of teak ply of varying thicknesses to provide optimal shape and strength to the frame. This coffee table is extremely stable and in a laminate colour of your choosing, this coffee table will be the star of your furniture set.


You can customize the coffee table with a laminate of choice (teak veneer, mica, or PVC sheet) by getting the table coated on top of the wood to give it an optimal finish that suits the design and requirement for your modern loving room.


The channels used in drawers are Hettich soft-close, which adds trust and element of comfort in use.

Goodwill Warranty

The company provides 1 year goodwill warranty on all customized furniture that includes manufacturing defects (but excludes accidental damage, natural wear and tear).

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Alpha Double Storage Premium Coffee Table