Adelma 4-Seater Premium Dining Table

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Adelma is a modern retake on Art Deco dining style. A marble top, chrome plated edges, and a walnut finish Teak frame define exuberance while remaining subtle at the same time. 

The winged chairs add a sense of comfort for long sitting hours and at the same time add a soft touch to the overall weight of the Dining set. The design language overall speaks of weight while remaining gentle to signify presence but remain friendly and inviting.

Adelma will add warmth to your home, to bring together your family over one of the most cherished activities of the day.

A gentle design that commands presence

Adelma is a modern contemporary retake on the idea of Art Deco dining.

A frame that speaks of longevity

A solid wood Teak body with the preferred finish signifies furniture that is supposed to remain within your family for ar long time to create precious memories and conversations.

For long conversations

The chairs are made from Springwell High-Density HD40 foam that ensures that the form remains intact for years, thereby retaining the style of your dining space. At the same time, they carry an optimal weight and shape to ensure they are comfortable to sit on for long hours so that your precious dinner time conversations never end early.

Soft and Durable

The upholstery includes a choice of leatherette or suede. The material used is with a backing that gives it extra protection against wear and tear or abrasions due to sharp objects.

A premium tabletop that speaks luxury

Adelma boasts of a stone tabletop. Choose from a palette of select grains of Marble, Granite or Onyx to bring eloquence and finesse to your dining experience.

A modular design that comes with innumerable choices

From the stone tabletop to the colour of the metal frame, to the colour and material of the upholstery, or the finish of Teak wood legs; everything in the dining set is available to customisation to make it blend perfectly according to the interior style of your dining room.

A promise of quality

Trelif provides a 1-year goodwill warranty on any manufacturing defect on the built or manufacturing of the products (excluding breakage or accidental damage), as a sign of trust to ensure quality manufacturing.

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Adelma 4-Seater Premium Dining Table